If you have fond memories of collecting the early 1990's Kenner Expanded Universe Predators, then you can revisit the past in the near future with NECA's freshly unveiled Series 13 Predator action figures that pay tribute to the Kenner versions that came before them. Featuring Renegade, Cracked Tusk and Scavage from the original Alien vs. Predator comic book, NECA's new Predator figures hit shelves next year.

NECA's Series 13 Predator figures stand about 8 inches tall, are armed to the mandibles, and should ship out in March:

"The 13th series of our longest running figure collection is an homage to the classic Kenner Expanded Universe Predators of the early 1990s! Renegade, Cracked Tusk and Scavage all appeared in the original Alien vs. Predator comic book pack-in included with their classic Kenner figures. Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has applied modern sculpting, detail and articulation to upgrade these vintage Predators for the new millennium.

Renegade comes with all new weapons based on the original Kenner designs. Cracked Tusk comes with spear and throwing disc accessories. The tallest of the trio, Scavage comes with a removable mask. These highly detailed figures stand approximately 8″ tall and feature over 25 points of articulation.

The special blister card packaging is an homage to the classic card art as well, featuring custom illustrations and a color palette that ties back to the toy shelves of the early ’90s."

Images via NECA:

Source: NECA
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