In The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, Rick's group found out the hard way that a different kind of "Bat Man" exists in the living dead apocalypse, and instead of keeping Gotham safe, he's intent on preserving The Sanctuary's twisted way of life. And in their latest Midnight Madness shirt, the folks at Fright Rags depict Negan and Lucille in the style of the ’60s Batman TV series logo.

Priced at $18.00, Fright Rags' Negan Midnight Madness shirt will be available for 24 hours only, from 11:59pm EST on Friday night to 11:59pm EST on Saturday night.

New enamel pins featuring the shirt's design are also being released for $12.00 apiece, and they are limited to 150 items. To learn more, visit Fright Rags' website, and check out official details and images of the shirt and pin below.

From Fright Rags: "“Lucille is THIRSTY! She’s a vampire bat!”

MIDNIGHT MADNESS Starts NOW! Our exclusive “BAT-man” Tee is NOW AVAILABLE! Only 24 short hours to grab ‘em. After 11:59pm tonight (EST) it will be GONE FOREVER! DON’T WAIT!

PLUS! For the first time ever we’re offering an ENAMEL PIN of the Midnight Madness design! Pins are LIMITED TO 150!

Art by Christopher Franchi


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