After unwrapping their Return of the Living Dead holiday sweater back in December, Cavitycolors is looking to extend their "party time" with part 1 of their new apparel collection celebrating Dan O'Bannon's beloved 1985 horror comedy.

Featuring artwork by Nacho Scratcho, Aaron Crawford, Mr. Jert, Hillary White, and Devon Whitehead, Cavitycolors' Return of the Living Dead collection includes T-shirts, a sweater, a tanktop, a baseball shirt, and an enamel pin of the iconic Tarman.

Prices for the new apparel range from $13–$40, and you can view all of the items in the gallery below. To learn more, visit Cavitycolors' official website.

"We're very excited to present Part 1 of our collection celebrating RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD!

Head on down to UNEEDA VIDEO, we’ve got the largest selection of “brain” related horror videos, and of course... half-off all anatomy films. Oh, and don’t forget our employee pick of the month!

Our massive RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD collection includes officially licensed Tees, Tanks, a Deluxe Enamel Pin, and a re-stock of our popular ROLD Sweatshirt! Do you wanna party?! It’s party time! What will you bring home?"

Images from Cavitycolors:

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