Cavitycolors is getting off to a good start this October by offering a limited edition t-shirt and poster based on C.H.U.D.

"C.H.U.D is one of those movies that either you hate, or you absolutely love. There’s no middle ground with this movie. It’s an absolute cheese fest, with moments of genius from Daniel Stern (Home Alone) that will make you laugh till your mouth hurts. It’s an often overlooked movie, but it holds a special place in a lot of horror fans’ hearts. I am one of those fans. Especially as a monster lover, you can’t really go wrong with a Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller.

The movie itself is pretty cool, and has everything you might want out of a horror flick. Cheesy characters, Toxic slime, gore, sewers, humor, and of course, the CHUD monster itself, which is sort of an iconic image when it comes to “things that live under the ground and eat homeless people and animals”. Much like The Toxic Avenger, the CHUD is part human, a monster, and exists because of toxic waste. Only instead of being a hero, it’s an absolutely disgusting creature that terrorizes the less fortunate in New York City, turning them into cannibals, and leaving it’s victims mangled to rot with the rats in the sewer. Every government official should be forced to watch this movie, to make sure they know the consequences of dumping toxic waste under highly populated areas such as NYC. Not a good idea…

Coming this Wednesday, October 2nd, our C.H.U.D Tribute will be unleashed, and it will feature an all new Midnight color Limited Edition T-shirt, and a limited poster as well. We wanted to start October off with a toxic fang, i mean BANG! Hope you enjoy it! See you Wednesday!"

The shirt and poster are being sold as a combo and are limited to 20, while 100 shirts will be sold separately. The shirt itself costs $25, while the combo is available for $40. To learn more, visit: