New Clip from Here Comes the Devil

2013/12/11 16:39:51 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Here Comes the Devil was directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano (Cold Sweat, Penumbra) and will start its limited theatrical release this month, along with a VOD release on December 13th. Here's a look at a new clip from the movie:

“A young family with two preteen kids — a son and a daughter —stop their car at a roadside gas station across from a large, unusual hill while on a family trip in Tijuana. The two kids, Sara (Michele Garcia) and Adolfo (Alan Martinez), explore the hill on their own, only to vanish into thin air. The following day, they return to their distraught parents, seemingly unharmed, and claiming to have gotten lost in a dark cave on the slope.

While father Félix (Francisco Barreiro) is relieved to have the children back, mother Sol (Laura Caro) soon starts to notice that something isn’t quite right with Sara and Adolfo, who are acting sullen, avoiding school and freaking out their babysitter. As these domestic troubles take on an increasingly supernatural cast, Félix and Sol dig deeper into what happened that day on the hillside — and soon discover an unthinkable, but chillingly plausible, explanation for their children’s disjointed behaviour.”