New Details on The Walking Dead Escape

2012/06/21 20:49:22 UTC

Readers have been asking us for more information on The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego, but details have mostly been kept under wraps. If you want to get a better idea of what to expect, Robert Kirkman and Liam Brenner recently talked to Nerdist about the event:

"N: How will this differ from the standard horror mazes we’re used to at places like Universal and Knott’s?

LB: The Walking Dead Escape is an actual obstacle course and though it’s less of a race and more of an experience, it is more physical than walking through a maze. Survivors will be navigating large scale obstacles to escape the Walkers. The Walkers are scattered throughout the course in plain view — they aren’t going to jump out and say “boo” like the ghosts and shape-shifting aliens you might find in some mazes or haunted houses. It’s an entirely different physical and interactive experience.

N: How true to the Walking Dead experience will this event be? Do you have to sign a waiver in case of loss of limb?

LB: Though we don’t expect any limbs to be lost a la Merle, participants can expect to really feel like they are a part of a new storyline within The Walking Dead. We couldn’t be more excited to have Greg Nicotero and the KNB EFX team handling the zombie transformations. Greg was really the only logical choice for us, and the addition of actual Walking Dead zombies is a finishing touch that just puts this event over the top.

N: While Petco Park is convenient to Comic-Con, did you have any desire to potentially do this at a former prison site or in a hospital like Capcom is doing in Japan for Resident Evil 6?

LB: The theme of this specific event is to immerse participants in a story line of The Walking Dead that hasn’t yet been explored. When Rick wakes up from his coma, everything is already destroyed and the apocalypse has already begun. We’re trying to explore what may have happened in those early days while he was down for the count. We chose to hold the course at a major league stadium, as it probably would be an evacuation point in the event of a real Zombie Apocalypse."


From a previous interview, we learned that certain areas will have multiple paths. One may be more challenging to get through, but the easier path may be zombie infested and you're less likely to survive. There also may be obstacles that will be easier to accomplish if you work together with those around you. Although it hasn't been revealed how survivors will become infected or survive the course, more details should be released soon. To hear what Robert Kirkman had to say and read the rest of the interview, visit Nerdist.

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Source: Nerdist