Excited for the release of The Walking Dead Pop! Series 2 vinyl figures? We have updated photos and details on some of the limited edition variant figures that will be available. Just like Series 1, The Walking Dead Pop! Television Series 2 figures will have one point of articulation and are 3 and 3/4 inches tall.

The figures now have an official release date of April 4th and are priced around $9.99, depending on which retailer you purchase the figures from. Similar to what Funko did for Series 1, the new series has a number of variant figures, including a glow in the dark Michonne and Pet Walkers 3-pack:

  • Blood Splatter Michonne and Pet Zombies – Harrison's Comics (harrisonscomics.net)
  • Blood Splatter Glenn – Man of Action Figures (manofactionfigures.com)
  • Blood Splatter Tank Zombie – Fugitive Toys (fugitivetoys.com)
  • Mud Splatter/Glow in the Dark Michonne + Pet Walkers 3-Pack – Diamond Comics (diamondcomics.com)

We’ve included photos of all four standard figures below. Catch up on our earlier Funko figure coverage, including an exclusive interview with upcoming figure details, by visiting the following links:

Source: Figures.com