We're less than one week away from the Season 5 return of AMC's The Walking Dead, but the small screen countdown isn't the only thing that has fans excited. From Series 7.5 to 9, McFarlane Toys has been teasing their upcoming The Walking Dead figure lines and are getting collectors involved with an online vote for who should be depicted as a figure in the Series 9 lineup. Also shambling their way into the light are details on the Series 7.5 and 8 figures, the in-store/online release schedule for the building sets, and some other news that should please fans of Dale and his recreational ride.

It's been revealed that Daryl Dixon will join Rick Grimes and the Flu Walker in McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead TV Series 7.5 figure line and will be available for $14.99 in late July/early August (details and image via Forbidden Planet):

"Based off fan-favorite characters from the AMC TV version of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, more blood-curdling characters! The Walking Dead TV Series 7.5 Action Figure set includes Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and a Flu Walker! Daryl is based on the season 4 episode "Infected," as a long-time survivor from the original Atlanta survivors, has become a pillar of support for those who came to rely on him. If that means burying the dead, then so be it"

*Thanks to Daily Dead reader Daniel for the heads-up on these items!

Via Instagram, Todd McFarlane himself confirmed that The Walking Dead TV Series 8 figures will include Dale, and that one of the upcoming building sets will be Dale's RV. Here's a look at the RV building set McFarlane Toys teased at the New York Comic Con last year:

If you're looking to collect the new The Walking Dead building sets from McFarlane Toys, then their recently released retailer chart (pictured below via Facebook) will be a big help. The chart shows buyers which building sets are available at six retailers throughout January and February:

Is there a character from AMC's The Walking Dead that you want to see depicted as a McFarlane figure? If so, you now have the chance to vote for one of nine characters. The one who ends up with the most votes will be featured as part of the Series 9 figure lineup. Currently Beth is in the lead, with Lori just a hair behind her. Other voting options are Rosita, Sasha, Tara, Noah, Martinez, Father Gabriel, and T-Dog. To cast your vote, visit:

Source: Instagram
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