New Diablo III Images Released

2011/02/10 00:09:26 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Like most Blizzard games, the highly anticipated Diablo III has no official release date and Blizzard is known for taking their time to get things right. Thankfully, they do post a steady stream of media to keep us busy and we have two in-game screenshots and two new pieces of concept art to show you.

To find out more about Diablo III, you can check out the official site and the official Facebook page. While I have been playing RPG's on my PC since the early 90's, I've grown fond of my console gaming experiences on a large TV and am hoping that Blizzard will make an announcement for a Diablo III console version in the near future. There have been some rumors plus hints on their job page to indicate that it is being looked into, but nothing official yet. While it may be difficult to port a game like Starcraft 2 to consoles, it shouldn't be terribly difficult to convert the UI and control system for Diablo.