Following director Tim Miller's departure from Deadpool 2, it has been confirmed (cementing previous speculations) that David Leitch will now helm the follow-up film featuring the Merc with a Mouth.

THR revealed the news of Leitch's confirmed involvement with 20th Century Fox's Deadpool sequel.

Filmmakers Rupert Sanders, Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens were also reportedly on the short list to helm Deadpool 2, but it was Leitch who got the gig following a successful meeting with producer/star Ryan Reynolds.

THR also reveals that 20th Century Fox is already keeping an eye out for another director to helm the third film in the franchise that's packed with self-aware humor, chimichangas, and bone-crunching action.

The lattermost element of the Deadpool franchise is especially well-suited for Leitch, who, along with Chad Stahelski, co-directed the expertly shot, superbly paced guns and fists extravaganza that is 2014's John Wick.

Leitch also recently helmed the Cold War thriller The Coldest City (starring Sofia Boutella and Charlize Theron), and he has worked as a stunt coordinator on a lengthy list of movies throughout his cinematic career.

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more details. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Leitch taking the directing reigns for Deadpool 2?

Source: THR
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