Fright Rags released their new shirts for this month and they're an interesting mix of winter-themed designs. One design features Kathy Bates in a classic scene from Misery, there's a retro-style Terror Train shirt, and see if you can figure out who The South Bend Shovel Slayer is before you check out the design...

"We've decided to keep our new releases this month themed in the spirit of winter, so below are three tributes to classic films of our childhood. As with all of our new releases, we will be printing these once, and as they sell out, they will be buried in our graveyard where they will have to be voted back to life. If you like what you see, don't wait long, as these could sell out quick!

MISERY: Nary a winter goes by where I don't watch this film at least once. Like most books-to-film, the movie only broadly touches on the elements of despair, terror, and isolation that were so well-crafted in the novel. That said, James Caan and Kathy Bates completely own their roles and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better adaptation of King's books committed to celluloid. So celebrate your fandom by grabbing one of these tees!

SOUTH BEND SHOVEL SLAYER: Ok, so Old Man Marley ended up being pretty cool after all...but what if he had actually murdered his family in 1958? We thought it would be fun to explore just that with this "Home Alone" spoof. That said, I still wouldn't dig too deep in that garbage can....just in case.

TERROR TRAIN: How could we ring in the New Year without a nod to this classic slasher? Snag one of these and allow yourself to be taken back to a simpler time, where killing teens was as easy as putting them in some unique setting and giving the killer a mask. That, and who could forget David Copperfield's expertly coiffed do?"

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