Fright Rags has released three brand new designs and brought six previously retired designs back from the dead. The three new designs include Prom Night II, TerrorVision, and Riki-Oh. We've include preview images of those three designs below. The six old designs that have been resurrected include The Lost Boys, C.H.U.D., Fright Night, Creepshow, Halloween III, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

"This month we decided to focus our designs on some films that are popular among us hardcore fans, but never seem to get the love they deserve. As with all of our new designs, they will are printed once and when they sell out, they go into our graveyard where they will remain until voted back by YOU. So if you dig any of these, pick'em up while they still have that fresh cotton smell!"

TERRORVISION: "Adjust your satellite, 'cause we're pumping out another mind-melting transmission! From the genius mind of Jeff Zornow comes a fresh take on this 80's cult classic!"

PROM NIGHT II: "Ok, I know the original Prom Night is a classic and all, but I don't think I'm the only one when I say the sequel is more fun to watch. That said, we brought in the uber-talented Justin Osbourn to breathe new life into this forgotten gem, inspired by the classic cover art. Also, check out the back design if you're in need of a good time :)"

RIKI-OH: "I know what you're thinking, "a design for a kung-fu film?". Yes, most definitely. This film spilled more blood than any other film released in the 90's (ok maybe not Dead Alive), and besides it's a damn good film that deserves some love. Another Zornow joint, this design will leave you covered in the red stuff!"

Source: Fright Rags