Fright Rags' new designs for July include Chillerama, Tremors, and the third shirt in their zombie Star Wars series. They also have a limited quantity of their special edition Dawn of the Dead shirt and have resurrected the designs for Zombie, They Live, and Frankenhooker.

We've included a look at the new designs below. You can pick them up for yourself or learn more at:

Arguably the best story from Chillerama was Adam Green's "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein", and the monstrous Meshugganah monster which Hitler created to help take over the world. Destroy Meshugganah is an homage to wartime-era propaganda posters with a satiric twist...yes ladies and gentlemen, tongue is firmly implanted into cheek with this one.

"That's it, Graboids!". I can clearly recall seeing Tremors in the theater 22 years ago on my winter break from school, and I've loved it ever since. However, to make sure that our Tremors design was different, we put it on an orange shirt to reflect the heat from the Perfection, Nevada desert. So c'mon, lighten up your wardrobe and get this graboid tee. Besides, who wants to wear black in the desert?

First there was Zombie Wars, then The Living Dead Strikes prepare for Mat Busch's epic conclusion to this undead sci-fi trilogy: Return From The Grave!