NECA has teased another look at their “Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy”, which is due out in late July. This is part of a full series of Nightmare on Elm Street figures, which depict different versions of Freddy from various movies in the series.

Continue reading to see a packaging shot of the figure and for more information on other figures in the series...

“Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy [includes] outstretched arms, regular arms, removable hat and interchangeable heads (classic and skinned face with exposed skull)”

Other figures in the series include:

*Freddy’s Revenge Freddy with bladed finger nails, removable hat and interchangeable heads (regular and screaming face).

*Dream Master Freddy (No Accessory Details Available)

*Dream Warriors Freddy with ripped sweater revealing Freddy’s victims and Elm Street house accessory.


**You can see a better quality image of the figure itself in our previous coverage: