Dream Master Freddy Announced

2011/04/15 19:39:54 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Nightmare on Elm Street fans will really want to check this one out. NECA has been showing off a variety of upcoming Freddy Krueger figures, but this one easily tops the rest. Continue reading to see a full figure image of Dream Master Freddy....

According to Figures.com, this Dream Master Freddy figure will be released this fall along with a variety of other Freddy figures:

"* Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy with outstretched arms, regular arms, removable hat and interchangeable heads (classic and skinned face with exposed skull)

* Freddy's Revenge Freddy with bladed finger nails, removable hat and interchangeable heads (regular and screaming face)

* Dream Warriors Freddy with ripped sweater revealing Freddy's victims and Elm Street house accessory"

Source: NECA Twitter