If the words "finish him" are permanently carved into your brain from years of late-night video gaming sessions with friends and family, then you may be pleased to know that a new Mortal Kombat movie is moving forward at New Line Cinema, with the filming location now selected.

Multiple sources, including Variety, report that Mortal Kombat is set to begin pre-production in Australia this month, with filming expected to begin later this year at Adelaide Studios’ Sound Stages.

As initially reported several years ago, James Wan is still on board to produce and Simon McQuoid will make his feature-length directorial debut. McQuoid will work from a screenplay by Greg Russo, based on the video game franchise that kicked off in 1992 and pits players against each other in fights to the death.

Larry Kasanoff, E. Bennett Walsh, Michael Clear, Sean Robins will executive produce Mortal Kombat, with Todd Garner also producing the film.

Here's what Wan had to say about the new Mortal Kombat movie (via Variety):

“I’m really happy and excited to be bringing another show back to Australia with ‘Mortal Kombat,’ especially after having such a great experience filming ‘Aquaman.'”

New Line Cinema's executive vice president of physical production, Katherine Beyda, also shares Wan's enthusiasm for filming Mortal Kombat in South Australia, saying (via Variety) that it "brings together all of the components we need to make an ambitious action film a success, and we applaud the South Australian Film Corporation for their role in attracting the production to their region."

The Mortal Kombat 11 video game was released for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows earlier this year. The last live-action Mortal Kombat movie, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, was released in theaters in 1997, following 1995's Mortal Kombat.

No plot details or casting announcements for the new movie have been revealed at this time, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details.

[Above image from Mortal Kombat 11.]

Source: Variety
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