Netflix recently added multiple horror titles including Insidious, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, House, Children of the Corn, I Sell the Dead, Chillerama, Creepshow 2, House II, Vamp, Final Destination 2, C.H.U.D., Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Midnight Movie, and The Evil of Frankenstein.

Horror releases from October include Red State, The Ward, Paranormal Activity 2, The Last Exorcism, Poltergeist II, Poltergeist III, Ghoulies, Children of the Corn: Revelations, and The Nesting.

Also, don't forget that Netflix added The Walking Dead Season 1 to their streaming service not too long ago, and has a deal in place to stream future seasons as well. While some Netflix users find their TV and new release offerings to be lacking, the horror category is something they continue to update regularly and there are plenty of classic/cult titles to enjoy.