Want a sneak peek of the latest Holliston episode before it airs tomorrow? We have nine photos from Kevin's Wedding, where Corri is invited to her ex-boyfriend's wedding and takes Adam along as her fake date:

“Following the events of the first season, Season Two ups the ante of outrageousness, taking the show to a wide range of unexpected places. Highlights include the series’ first animated episode, finding the town attacked by a giant blob; a RINGU-inspired J-Horror episode; a Found Footage episode; and a one-hour season finale that will boast two special musical performances by the talented cast and a shocking final scene that will raise the dead. The second season will also feature some surprising twists and developments for the four main friends that will have a major impact on their lives and leave viewers anxious for more.”

Holliston Episode 209 – Kevin's Wedding: "When Corri is invited to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, she asks Adam to be her “fake date”, with plans to make her ex jealous. Meanwhile, Laura makes a big announcement that could change her relationship with Joe, and Oderus moves out of Adam’s closet after feeling taken for granted. Guest stars Nick Ballard (The Last Resort) and Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet III)."

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