Jesus, Carol, Dwight, Michonne, Rick, walkers aplenty and many more familiar faces—some have appeared on the small screen, others have graced the printed page, and more than a handful have appeared in both mediums of The Walking Dead, but they all recently came together at McFarlane Toys' booth at New York City's Toy Fair. The renowned collectibles company teased what they'll be releasing throughout the year, providing looks at new figures, building sets, and statues, and unveiling new details that will have some collectors clearing space on their mantels in anticipation.

McFarlane Toys debuted photos of their The Walking Dead TV series 7 figures, showing us Carl, Michonne, the mud walker, and two new series 7 additions: figures of Rick Grimes and Hershel Greene, the latter coming with an alternate head from his tragic moment at the prison gate on the TV series.

Along with displaying their series 7 figures, the photo also shows a poster announcing McFarlane Toys' upcoming TV Series 8 figures, which will include Eugene, Morgan, Rick, Dale, and Bob. The TV series 8 figures are slated for an October release, likely near the Season 6 premiere date, while the series 7 figures are due out this March.

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McFarlane Toys also revealed a look at their series 7.5 figures, which include Rick, Daryl, and the flu walker. The figures are slated for a July/early August release.

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Have you been enjoying McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead building sets? Well, gear up for much more on that front, because in addition to the recently revealed boiler room set, McFarlane Toys has also debuted images of other upcoming sets including the cell blocks, Shumpert's truck, Dale's RV, and Rick's encounter with the "Don't Open Dead Inside" door in the series' first episode. The Series 2 building sets are due out later this year.

Photos via McFarlane Toys:

Also grabbing some eye-catching looks at McFarlane Toys' booth were their 10-inch deluxe statues of Rick, Michonne, and Daryl, which are slated for release later this year. *Note: The Michonne statue pictured is a prototype.

First photo via McFarlane Toys, latter two via Toyark:

Released last summer, McFarlane Toys' comic series 3 figures comprised of Rick, Andrea, Dwight, and the Punk Zombie were also on display.

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