Back in March, we gave Daily Dead readers an early look at The Walking Dead Blind Box figures from Funko. The vinyl figures have been officially revealed, and we have new photos and details. The first wave of Blind Box figures include Daryl, Merle, and a variety of zombies seen in the first three seasons of the TV series. Each figure is 2.5 inches tall, due out in June, and has a retail price of $6.95.

We previously interviewed Funko's designer Reis O’Brien who told us what to expect from the upcoming release:

"Blind Box toys are basically the three dimensional version of trading cards. You don’t know what you’re going to get when you buy it, and you’re always rooting for one that you need to complete your collection, and this includes some figures that are rarer than others.

Design-wise, the Walking Dead Blind Box figures are considerably different than the Pops in that they are much smaller (approximately 2.5”) and are done in a completely new style that I came up with specifically for this series.... There’s a total of 16 figures. 10 different figures with some blood-splattered and glow-in-the-dark variants."