With 2019 being the year of the creepy dolls due to the theatrical releases of Annabelle Comes Home and Child's Play, writer/director Craig Rees is looking to add his own unique style of scares to the sub-genre with his new horror movie Annabellum: The Curse of Salem. With the film out now on VOD in the US and UK, we've been provided with a new poster that gives Daily Dead readers an up-close look at a doll that holds an ancient and deadly curse.

All manner of malevolent horrors are unleashed when a Salem witch's vengeful curse is unleashed in Annabellum: The Curse of Salem. You can view the creepy poster and previously released trailer below, and to learn more about Annabellum: The Curse of Salem, visit:

"This year we have seen ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ ‘Childs Play’ and next month we will see ‘IT Chapter 2.’ In the meantime, a new indie doll flick titled ‘Annabellum: The Curse of Salem hits Amazon VOD in the USA and the U.K. and will be released worldwide Halloween. Directed by Craig Rees, written by Carl Rees, starring Liam Clarke (‘Vikings’ Andrew James Mead, ‘Roar,’ which starred Heath Ledger), ‘Annabellum: The Curse of Salem’ tells the story of a cursed doll that has made its way from Salem to wreak its vengeance on a family trapped inside an old historic mansion."

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