"They're coming to get you Barbara." Spoken in Boris Karloff style amongst the tombstones Johnny's kidding line to his sister was the last moment of innocence before the siblings and viewers alike are assaulted by the unrelenting terror of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

The horror of that classic macabre movie began in the cemetery with actor/assistant camera operator Bill Hinzman's unforgettable living dead shamble, but as fans of the film know, there would be more fear, social commentary, and hungry zombies to be found at the farmhouse down the road.

Showing the film's progressive link from the cemetery to the farmhouse and even incorporating the moon hanging above that fateful, horrific night when the dead got their feet back under them, artist Timothy Pittides' new black and white poster for 1968's Night of the Living Dead superbly captures the malicious mood of Romero's classic film.

Created by artist Timothy Pittides for the Dallas Comic Con that took place last weekend, this Night of the Living Dead 11.75″ x 36″ five-color screen print is limited to 75 items priced at $30.00 apiece. Each poster is signed and numbered. To learn more about Pittides' poster, visit:

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