If you missed out on Bright Light Media's slasher board game the first time around, don't lose your head, because a new pre-order for Mixtape Massacre opens on March 15th, and a Black Masque expansion will be launched in a new Kickstarter campaign this May.

From Mixtape Massacre: "DON’T OWN MIXTAPE MASSACRE?

Don’t fret.

We have a Pre-order for the second run of the base game beginning 3.15.17 and should be shipping around May 2017.

We will also have a pledge level on the Kickstarter that includes both the base game and the expansion with the base game shipping out right after the campaign ends.

Expansion: A year ago, the Town of Tall Oaks was the site of one of the bloodiest crime scenes in recorded history. Headlines dubbed it, The Black Masque, for the dark nature of the murders and the rumor of costumed assailants. Little did they know how appropriate that name would become.

The body count was so high that it served as an invitation for Death itself.

Not to be outdone by freaks in masks, Death has arrived at the borders of Tall Oaks. And it’s come to show the town, victim or victimizer…


New – Challenge Dice
Making kills harder, and sometimes unlocking new A-Bit of an Event Cards, these dice bring new complications.

New – Death Cards
Now the hunters are the prey. Death joins the game to hurt players, and if unchecked, will bring an ultimate end to the Town of Tall Oaks.

New – Death Pegs
As Death leaves his mark on you, your ability to sustain and revive yourself becomes harder and harder.

New – A-Bit of an Event Cards
These cards bring with them positives and negatives that can effect all players and the game itself .

More Killer Scenes, Dude Cards
Bringing the same fun as always with more kills and more references, but also adding Challenge Cards to the mix which make use of the new Challenge Dice.

More Bonus Tracks Cards
Adding more power-ups and perils to the game to help with the latest obstacles arising from Death’s arrival.

Plus Black Masque Rule Book and Dice Combination reference sheets to have on hand during play.

*** As this is an expansion, standard base Mixtape Massacre game required to play.

***For those who don’t own the game, a Kickstarter pledge level will be offered with both the base game and the expansion.

he expansion will come packed with these goodies and more, and as the campaign progresses, stretch goals will unlock even more additions to the world of Mixtape Massacre.

Join us on Kickstarter for The Black Masque Expansion, 5.16.17"

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