Jason Voorhees

It has been officially announced that Stephen King and his son Joe Hill have collaborated on a new story that will appear in Esquire magazine. The story will be part of a book series called Fiction for Men and will only be available in the print and iPad editions of the magazine.

There are no details on the plot of the short story, but we know that it is called In the Tall Grass and will be published in two parts. The first part will appear in the June/July issue and will conclude in the August issue. To give you a vague idea of what to expect, here is what David Granger, the editor-in-chief of Esquire, had to say about the theme of the Fiction for Men stories:

Via NY Times: "His definition of men’s fiction? Work that is 'plot-driven and exciting, where one thing happens after another,' he said. 'And also at the same time, dealing with passages in a man’s life that seem common.' "