New Short Story from Stephen King

2012/08/22 18:06:27 UTC

Stephen King's latest eBook, A Face in the Crowd, was released yesterday, but we have news on a short story that was just released. The new piece is titled "Batman and Robin have an altercation" and was written for Harper's Magazine:

"In Stephen King’s first story for Harper’s Magazine, a middle-aged man named Sanderson brings his Alzheimer’s-afflicted father to Applebee’s for their weekly lunch, where for three years they have ordered the same food and had the same conversation. Just as Sanderson despairs of finding any shred of the man who raised him, he’s saved from a brutal assault to find his father wielding a weapon procured in a moment of lucidity."

The story is only around 4 pages in length, but for fans of Stephen King that want to check it out, it is currently available in Harper's Magazine online edition and the print edition will be available on August 28th. We've included a brief excerpt below, and you can learn more at:

"Sanderson sees his father twice a week. On Wednesday evenings, after he closes the jewelry store his parents opened long ago, he drives the three miles to Crackerjack Manor and sees Pop there, usually in the common room. In his “suite,” if Pop is having a bad day. On most Sundays, Sanderson takes him out to lunch. The facility where Pop is living out his final foggy years is actually called the Harvest Hills Special Care Unit, but to Sanderson, Crackerjack Manor seems more accurate."