New Spawn Movie Status Update

2011/03/31 21:24:43 +00:00 | Jonathan James

My DVD Insider got a chance to talk with Todd McFarlane and asked him for an update on the planned Spawn reboot movie he has been working on over the years. As far as the script is concerned, McFarlane had the following to say:

“I’m three quarters through it. I’ll finish it and put it on a shelf for about a week. What usually happens is, I come back to it so I can see all the flaws. I do a rewrite and there’s a first draft at that point. Then I’ll start soliciting comments from people I trust to see if I can get the script into working shape. If I can’t, I’m open to someone coming in and helping me with it."

He also confirms comments made earlier about his intention to direct the next Spawn film:

“[A few studios have phoned me to talk about the project] and when I walk into these pitch meetings, I go here’s the story. I give them the broad strokes. Then I go, here’s the non-negotiable part: I write, produce, direct. That’s it..."

Overall, it was a pretty lengthy Q and A that was conducted, so if you are a fan of the comics, check out the source link below for more information. It sounds like we're pretty far away from seeing another Spawn movie, but at least process is still being made for fans eager to see Spawn on the big screen again.