If you're going to miss seeing the faces of The Walking Dead characters until season 8 returns in February, you can take solace in looking at Funko's new Pop! vinyl figures of Eugene (with his jar of pickles), Negan, Sasha, King Ezekiel, and Daryl Dixon.

Funko's new Walking Dead Pop! vinyl figures are due out this winter, and you can view them all below. Will you be adding them to your shelf?

From Funko: "The latest season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is in the middle of Season 8! Funko is excited to announce a new Pop! Keychain and series of Pop! for AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Pop! Keychain: The Walking Dead – Negan

Take Negan with you on the go! Negan is holding his beloved Lucille, now featured as a Pop! Keychain.

Coming in February!

Pop! Television: The Walking Dead

This series features “King” of the Kingdom, Ezekiel and soldier Richard, The Sanctuary’s chief engineer Eugene, and Sasha – she’s a sharpshooter who is a proven survivor.

Rounding out the series is a new version of Negan! Shown clean shaven with a bit of blood splatter, holding his lovely Lucille.

Collect them all this Winter!

A walker version of Sasha will be available on Funko Shop!

Look for Daryl in his prison suit!

Find him exclusively at FYE!

Coming in February!"

Images courtesy of Funko:

Source: Funko
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