New Trailer for Escape Dead Island

2014/11/14 21:11:35 +00:00 | Derek Anderson

Cliff Calo doesn't just want to survive the zombie virus, he wants to know how it originated. If you can fight your way through the living dead roaming the beaches and sun-splashed streets, you could unlock big secrets in Escape Dead Island, a survival mystery game available beginning November 18th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and a new trailer shows that zombies aren't the game's only obstacles.

"Delivering the key features of a Dead Island game—visceral melee combat set in a beautiful paradise setting—ESCAPE adds a completely new tone to the zombie universe. The visually unique styles accompanies the player on his struggle against insanity as he experiences the secrets of the Dead Island universe, fights off zombies with a vast and unique array of weapons and opens the path to the events that will happen in Dead Island 2."

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