Two of the most intense fights ever featured on Ash vs Evil Dead took place on the series' sixth season 3 episode this past Sunday, and in a new behind-the-scenes video, eexecutive producer Rob Tapert discusses the planning and practical effects that went into the action-packed episode, including "the most complicated thing" the effects crew did all season.

Titled "Tales from the Rift," the previous episode of Ash vs Evil Dead was directed by Regan Hall from a script by Aaron Lam. The next episode will air on STARZ on Sunday, April 8th, and you can watch the carnage-packed preview video for that installment here. And, in case you missed it, check here for our previous Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 coverage, including our interviews with the cast.

Episode 3.06 synopsis: "Ash's bond with his daughter strengthens as more Knights of Sumeria join Pablo and him to defeat evil. Kelly decides to go after Ruby herself while Ash and team, along with the knights, enter the rift and face a battle of their own."

Behind-the-scenes video: "Executive Producer Rob Tapert takes you behind the scenes of the Ash vs Evil Dead universe."

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