It was recently announced that Neil Marshall was in talks to direct Hellfest for The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd. Now, we have word that a new writer has been brought on board to improve the existing script.

Gary Dauberman, who polished up both the Final Destination 5 and Nightmare on Elm Street remake scripts, has been hired to work on Hellfest. The original script was co-written by William Penick and Chris Sey.

Neil Marshall is familiar with Gary's work, as Dauberman wrote the spec script Burst for Ghost House Pictures. Neil Marshall was previously attached to direct the film, which involved "a group of travelers stranded in a blizzard who find themselves being stalked and terrorized by an unseen, malicious force that causes them to spontaneously combust."

According to The Wrap, CBS wants to begin shooting Hellfest this summer and sees the film as the first in a potential franchise. Hellfest takes place at a horror theme park on Halloween night and features a costumed serial killer who "begins slaying patrons who believe it's all part of the show."

Source: The Wrap