If you lose as a contestant on The Price Is Right or Wheel of Fortune, you might get a handshake and some money to take home. But if you lose on the upcoming game show from BBC Three, your brains are eaten... at least in the spirit of the game. A new zombie reality game show is coming to BBC Three and we have the first details.

Titled "I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse", the location for the upcoming BBC Three series is a shopping mall filled with the walking dead: details that should please George A. Romero fans. Once a contestant is "bitten" by a zombie, they are taken out of the game in a bloody way. Contestants stand a better chance of surviving as a group, and the goal is to stay alive until the Army arrives. We have some more details via BBC:

"Eight contestants will begin an apocalyptic adventure trapped together in a shopping mall, surrounded by the walking dead. The contestants must live by their wits, make difficult decisions, and use urban survival tactics. Their ultimate goal is to avoid the lethal bite of a zombie and stay alive.

During their intense stay, they will face tasks that are necessary for their survival. These tasks are potentially dangerous and will put them in close contact with the undead. The threat will be constant: one bite and they will leave the show in grisly style.

It’s a question of teamwork, as the more of them that stay alive the easier it is to thrive in a zombie-eat-human world. The Army is on its way, but how many of the contestants will have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse?

I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse is commissioned by Controller of BBC Three Zai Bennett, and Entertainment Commissioner Ruby Kuraishe, and the 7x60 series is a Tiger Aspect Production.

Zai Bennett says: “I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse is a reality event on a huge scale for BBC Three, it promises to be a deadly twist on the genre.”

Ruby Kuraishe says: “This is a tongue-in-cheek game show that will really test one’s mettle. I think people will die to be a part of it.”

Executive producers for Tiger Aspect are Andrew Brereton and Sebastian Grant.

Andrew Brereton says: “It’s nice to finally have a game show where if you get a challenge wrong, you get your arms ripped off and your brains eaten out.”"

There is no word yet on when this show will air, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated as more details develop.

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