We haven't posted a round-up in quite some time, but news is starting to slow down due to the upcoming Christmas holiday and we have a few minor news items that you'll want to hear about:

Evil Dead Remake to Shoot in New Zealand: Although previously rumored, it has been confirmed that the upcoming remake will be shooting in New Zealand in March, 2012. Casting is still underway, but expect casting announcements at the start of the new year. [Source: BD]

For more information on The Evil Dead remake, check out our previous coverage at:

More Saw On the Way?: Was there any doubt that the Saw series is just taking a nap? Liongate Vice Chairman Michael Burns talked with MSNBC and said "I'm sure, some day, you'll see Saw back in the picture...". With as much money as the series has made, this is pretty much a given. It's just a matter of giving the series a little time off so that they can put a new spin on the material. [MSNBC via STYD]

First Images of Gemma Arterton from Byzantium: Neil Jordan is currently filming Byzantium in England, and unofficial set photos have made their way online, featuring Gemma Arterton. You can view the full set of images at Socalite Life. The film “details the story of a mother vampire who turns her own daughter into a vampire and the pair form a lethal partnership, sometimes posing as sisters”.

New Resident Evil: Retribution Details: Milla Jovovich once again took to Twitter to talk about the filming of the latest movie in the Resident Evil series. This time, she talks about filming a scene in which Alice will be fighting a massive new creature:

"Gmornin every1 where it's morning! Gevening to all those where it's evening! There's a HUGE wire stunt 2day here at camp evil as guess what?! Im not allowed 2 do it! Aargh! It's a 50 ft. Fly on a wire rig w a flip AND gunfire (sob) to kill a gynormous creature, but the set is too tight and my incredible stunt double -Jo Anne Leach- has to land in2 crash pads 2 make it and the insurance company and my husband said Absolutely NOT. I'm bummed but there u go. Safety first.the sequence is gonna KILL tho n no matter what Jo is my girl and she's THE BEST, so trust me when u c it in the film it will b overwhelmingly awe inspiring! That's my news of the morning. Gotta get hair n make up on."