In George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, they watched the TV intently, wanting to know why the dead were walking just outside their boarded-up windows. Now, more than 45 years later, George's son Cameron looks to explore the definitive answer to that question in Origins. A partially crowdfunded prequel to Night of the Living Dead, Origins now has another backer in Radar Pictures.

Variety reports that Radar Pictures will produce Cameron Romero's Origins with production slated to begin this year. Cameron Romero (who, like his father, has an extensive background in making commercials and has also directed six feature films) will direct Origins off a screenplay he wrote with Darrin Reed and Bryce C. Campbell:

"Set in the turbulent late sixties, the film tells the story of a brilliant scientist – Dr. Alan Cartwright – who strikes a deal with the military that will give him all the resources he needs to finalize his work in exchange for what he later learns is a price all mankind will have to pay."

Through the film's Indiegogo campaign that was launched in October, Cameron Romero raised over $30,000 and attracted the attention of makeup effects guru Robert Kurtzman, who is now attached to the project. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for further updates on Origins.

Source: Variety
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