We've seen a lot of pivotal changes take place on AMC's  The Walking Dead this season, including a six-year time jump and unexpected character arcs, but we've never seen anything quite like the events of the mid-season 9 finale. While we'll have to wait until February to see what happens next, AMC released a new trailer that features the most dangerous—and creepiest—enemies the survivors have ever faced. 

The Walking Dead Mid-Season 9 premiere episode will air on AMC on Sunday, February 10th at 9:00pm ET (the same day the third season of Ride with Norman Reedus will premiere), and we'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated as more news is revealed. In the meantime, we have a look at AMC's trailer for the remaining eight episodes of season 9, which was released with the following caption, "There's a new enemy when The Walking Dead returns in February."

The Walking Dead Season 9b synopsis: "The second half of “The Walking Dead” season nine finds our groups of survivors, both old and new, continuing to deal with the impact of events that took place during the six years that have passed. Since the disappearance of Rick, many of these characters have become strangers to each other, and in some ways, strangers to themselves. What they do know is that they are in undeniable danger. They will soon realize the world just beyond does not operate as they thought. The group’s rules and ways of survival no longer guarantee their safety. A whole new threat has crossed their paths, and they soon discover it’s unlike any threat they have encountered or endured before. The group will start to question what they think they see. What may appear to be normal in this post-apocalyptic world could actually be more disturbing and terrifying than when the apocalypse first broke out. All that is certain is the stakes are high and numerous."

Note: This embed provided by AMC may be geo-restricted and may not be viewable in all countries. We will add an alternate international embed as soon as one becomes available.

Alternate embed via SpoilerTV:

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