Whether you loved or hated World War Z, it made $66 million in the US over the weekend and was the biggest opening weekend for a zombie movie. With strong international ticket sales and a decent reaction from critics and moviegoers, Paramount is interested making a sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount will be actively moving forward with development of a World War Z sequel. There are no details on where the story is headed, but Brad Pitt recently said that there's plenty of material they can mine from the novel. Many fans of Max Brooks' novel were not happy to see the movie deviate so much from the original material, so we could potentially see a sequel incorporate more elements from the book this time around. While it's still too early to know who else will be back for the sequel, it's a given that Brad Pitt will be involved as the star and a producer once again.

World War Z had a number of script changes and reshoots to change the ending of the movie. Many of the scenes that were added involved Brad Pitt's family in the movie and ending is completely new. There were a number of reasons for these changes, but part of the reason was to also leave room for a sequel. Based on what we saw in the first movie, it seems likely that will continue to follow Gerry Lane and his family. This is more of an early report to let readers know that a sequel is in the works and we'll be sure to provide an update when more information become available.

Source: THR