We have some very encouraging news on the Friday the 13th front. While the series started at Paramount, New Line and Warner Bros. got involved with the later sequels and the 2009 reboot. Moving forward on new Friday the 13th movies has been difficult because of all the different companies involved and it's been revealed that Paramount has regained Warner's rights to co-finance the next movie.

How did this happen? Thank Christopher Nolan and his latest movie, Interstellar. The project was at Paramount, but Warner Bros. has made millions on Nolan's work and wanted to get involved. Paramount and Warner Bros. are officially co-producing Interstellar now, but The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Paramount asked for a number of items in return, including the full Friday the 13th rights.

So what does this mean for Friday the 13th fans? There's going to be a lot less red tape required to get a new movie made. Paramount has not announced their plans for the return of Jason, but with Paranormal Activity not being as big as it used to be, we hope they're considering bringing back one of our favorite masked slashers in the very near future. The only problem with this new deal is that Paramount only has these full rights for five years. On one side, it's good because they need to make a movie sooner than later. With that being said, we don't know what effect this would have on potential sequel plans. Of course, we'll let readers know when any new details are revealed.

Source: THR