It was only on Monday that Paranormal Activity 4's development was officially confirmed. Now Paramount Pictures has set a release date for the film. Of course, no one should be surprised to hear Paranormal Activity 4 is returning in October, but mark your calendars for October 19th.

Earlier in the month, Lionsgate will be releasing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and Disney is set to release Tim Burton's Frankenweenie as well. The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films have scheduled Halloween 3D for release on October 26th, but with no official announcements on the project moving forward, it is unlikely to keep that release date.

Back to the Paranormal Activity franchise, it isn't unexpected, but there are no details on the plot, writer, or director of the fourth film at this time. The third film will be released later this month on Blu-ray/DVD and includes an unrated version of the film with additional footage not seen in theaters. For more information, visit: