It's safe to say that without Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring cinematic universe wouldn't exist, and we're sad to share the news of her passing at the age of 92.

Lorraine's grandson Chris McKinnell shared the somber news of his grandmother's passing on Facebook (via Bloody Disgusting):

"Last night my grandmother, Lorraine Warren, quietly and peacefully left us to join her beloved Ed. She was happy and laughing until the very end. She was my angel and my hero, and she will be deeply missed. Please join us in celebrating her life and honoring her beautiful soul. Remember to treasure those you love while you can. Thank you and God bless you all."

Founders of New England Society for Psychic Research, Lorraine and her late husband Ed worked as paranormal investigators for decades, lending their supernatural insights and knowledge to thousands of cases, including the Amityville Haunting, the Enfield Poltergeist, and the Raggedy Ann doll that inspired the Annabelle movies. Over the years, Lorraine and Ed even collected supposedly haunted artifacts from their investigations that are housed in an occult museum that still stands in Connecticut.

The subject of numerous books, Ed and Lorraine Warren also inspired the highly successful Conjuring cinematic universe that kicked off in 2013 with James Wan's The Conjuring, with Vera Farmiga playing Lorraine and Patrick Wilson playing Ed. Lorraine herself even served as a consultant on the first two Conjuring movies.

Over the past six years, The Conjuring cinematic universe has gone on to spawn an interconnected franchise of spin-off films that have been well-received critically and at the box office. There's no question that Lorraine has forever shaped the horror genre for generations to come, and our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.

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Source: Facebook via Bloody Disgusting
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