Following the shocking and heartbreaking events of last week's episode, The Walking Dead returns for what is gearing up to be a tense and traumatic mi-season 10 finale, and we have preview videos and a photo gallery to get you ready for the next move in the ongoing chess game of life and death between the Whisperers and the united communities of Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside.

Titled "The World Before" and clocking in at over one hour long (according to SpoilerTV), The Walking Dead will air on AMC on Sunday, November 24th at 9:00pm EST on AMC.

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates, check out the new photos and videos below (spoiler warning if you're not caught up), and in case you missed it, check here to catch up on our previous coverage of The Walking Dead Season 10.

Episode 10.08 synopsis (via SpoilerTV): "Tension begins to mount in Oceanside in the wake of a fight as the Alexandrians embark on a high-stakes mission."

Photos by Eliza Morse / Gene Page / Jace Downs:

Alternate embed via Rotten Tomatoes TV:

Alternate embed via Rotten Tomatoes TV:

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