If you're the type of collector that is a completionist or you're on the hunt for limited edition figures, you may be interested in McFarlane Toys' bloody black & white figure set for The Walking Dead TV Series 3 figures. This pack includes a variant version of Michonne and her pet zombies, and we have new photos of the figures and packaging.

Michonne: Michonne is the mysterious stranger who saves Andrea from walkers with her katana blade and two pet walkers in tow. She is a quiet, but fierce warrior. This action-figure comes with 24 points of articulation, removable poncho, katana sword and katana sheath.

Pet Zombie 1 and 2: Connected directly to Michonne’s past, she has rendered both these walkers harmless by removing their bottom jaw and arms. Now that both Pets are somewhat subdued, she puts them to good use as pack mules and zombie repellent. Both Pets come with removable backpacks, neck chain leash, arms and bottom jaw. As an added bonus Pet 1’s backpack comes with a removable shotgun.

The figures are expected to be released later this month and should be in stores by March 25th. The regular versions of the TV Series 3 figures are now available, and we've included recent action figure coverage links below:

Source: Figures.com