It's easy to lose your head—both literally and figuratively—when dealing with a foe as intimidating as Jason Voorhees. With a swing of an axe near the end of Friday the 13th Part 3, Chris Higgins (Dana Kimmell) kept her name off of Jason's long list of victims, but that wasn't her original destiny. Photos of the lost alternate ending show Chris facing Jason one more time... with a different end result.

Friday the 13th: The Franchise reports that Billy Kirkus has discovered stills of the alternate ending to Friday the 13th Part 3, in which Chris is surprised by Jason on the front porch, who then grabs Chris by her hair and beheads her with his machete. No footage of this original ending is believed to exist anymore, but when pieced together, the photos give you a shot-by-shot, flip book-style look at the alternate ending.

Also featured in the lost scene is the original look of Jason Voorhees' face, which was a mask crafted by the late, great special effects wizard, Stan Winston. When the original ending was tossed, so too was Stan's depiction of the Crystal Lake slasher. We have a handful of the recently discovered stills below and you can see the complete collection at Friday the 13th: The Franchise:

In addition to the reveal of the long-lost original ending of Friday the 13th Part 3, Crystal Lake campers have another cause for celebration, as Sideshow Collectibles recently teased their upcoming Jason Voorhees – Legend of Crystal Lake Premium Format Figure:

"The slasher from Crystal Lake will be on the loose again soon! Sideshow Collectibles’ Jason Voorhees – Legend of Crystal Lake Premium Format™ Figure will be available for Pre-Order in the future, so stay tuned campers!"

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