The Hollywood Reporter recently noted that Lionsgate is now considering hiring Pride and Prejudice and Zombies writer Seth Grahame-Smith along with producing-partner David Katzenberg to direct the film adaptation as a team. Previously reported contender Craig Gillespie (Fright Night remake) is apparently still in the running to direct as well.

With all of the directors that have been considered, passed, or were at some stage of directing this film, this news isn't earth shattering, but it shows that Lionsgate is really having a hard time getting someone to commit to directing this film. Previously Mike White and David O. Russell were set to direct and had to pass for various reasons.

I know there is a certain amount of momentum they want to keep going, but at the same time, an experienced director with a proven track record would definitely help. Even with Gillespie, no one knows how his Fright Night remake is going to turn out yet. We first started hearing about this adaptation with Natalie Portman starring (no longer the case) back in December of 2009, so after all of the delays and talent changes, they might as well take the extra time and get it done right. We won't cover every bit of director consideration news here, but I thought that Seth Grahame-Smith was interesting, considering the directors and talent Lionsgate had previously looked at.