Earlier this week, SEGA and Creative Assembly released Alien: Isolation, a video game following Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen, as she strives to survive while being stalked by a Xenomorph on a secluded space station. Coinciding with the game's release is Titan Books' The Art of Alien: Isolation, a bound collection of over 300 images from the game, and we have a look at some of the book's artwork.

"The Art of Alien: Isolation is a high-end art book featuring over 300 images from the latest game in the critically and commercially acclaimed Alien franchise. Taking players back to the survival horror atmosphere of the first film, Alien: Isolation features Amanda Ripley as the hero trying to survive on a wrecked space station. This book is the ultimate gallery of the game, a must-have for any fan."

Alien: Isolation is now available for Xbox One, PS4™, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PS3™.

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Source: Titan Books
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