Marti Noxon, the writer of I Am Number Four and the upcoming Fright Night remake, has been brought in to revise the script for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The project has gone through a number of director changes, while Lionsgate has pushed to get this adaptation to the big screen, but Fright Night's Craig Gillespie is now set to direct the film.

Gillespie previously talked about the script and his plan to polish it up before getting started: “No, we have a really great script that we’re just going to do a polish on and then get going, really…. David Russell wrote the script off the book, and it has such a great mix of humor and horror. I just love being able to juggle those two aspects. The humor is inherent in the Pride and Prejudice side, but taking that and accenting it with zombies is just a brilliant and fun idea. And there are such strong female characters, which is nice to have. It’s a great clash.”

No cast has been set, but Lionsgate has been pushing to get this project off the ground quickly, so we should have more updates, including casting announcements, very soon.

Source: The Wrap