Directors Aaron and Austin Keeling recently introduced horror fans to a new scary home with their horror film The House on Pine Street, but the brothers now bring the iconic Bates mansion and motel from Psycho to life off the screen with their incredible gingerbread house.

Displayed in seasonal shots on Imgur (and reported on by Bloody Disgusting) the Psycho gingerbread house continues the Keeling brothers' annual tradition of using gingerbread and other candy to recreate iconic locations from horror movies. Last year, the filmmakers made their own tasty version of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

Following up that amazing accomplishment would be no easy feat, but as you can see in the Psycho-based photos below, the brothers were more than up to the task, making a gingerbread house filled with memorable moments from the classic Alfred Hitchcock film (including the Marion Crane shower scene), culminating in a creation that would surely make Mother proud (to view the full set of photos, visit agkeeling's page on Imgur).

Photos from Imgur:

Source: Imgur via Bloody Disgusting
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