The winter luau at a college sorority takes a creepy turn when a supernatural presence crashes the party in Haunting on Fraternity Row. With the new horror movie now on VOD, we caught up with co-star Breon Pugh to discuss playing the character Wiggles, the horror movies that came to mind during filming, and his excitement for upcoming projects (including his first foray into the Marvel Universe).

Hi Breon, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us! What can you tell us about your character, Wiggles, in the new horror movie Haunting on Fraternity Row, and what was the audition process for the role?

Breon Pugh: No problem at all! Thank you for this opportunity! I really appreciate it. I had a lot of fun playing Wiggles; he is a new pledge just trying to navigate through the entire experience of his first winter luau. He is very levelheaded and sees what’s going on, but he minds his business (ha ha). He is trusted to capture all the happenings of the night and the only pledge allowed to be around the head fraternity brothers and to see how they really get down.

The audition process was great actually. I did a video audition and then a couple weeks later they asked me to drive in for a callback. I didn't think I had a chance because the role was not really written for me, but I came in and did a cold read. I improved and went with my instincts. They asked me to step out for a few moments and then called me back in and said, “Congratulations, you got the part.”

When you look back at your time on set, is there a favorite or funny moment in particular that stands out to you?

Breon Pugh: There were so many, but one that stands out is that damn tunnel that I had to crawl back and forth through. That thing with the muumuu on and the camera was pointed directly behind me. I had shorts on underneath of course, but I was like baby Jesus. I hope they got the shot so I can stop flashing people (laughs) and I had the prop camera that Wiggles keeps in his hand, so I was one-handed and I got stuck trying to crawl in and out of the tunnel (ha ha). Yeah, good times.

Where did filming for “Haunting on Fraternity Row” take place?

Breon Pugh: We shot it in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That’s about three hours from where I live in Bossier City, Louisiana. At the time of filming, it was flooding so badly in the area; all the streets were blocked off downtown where my hotel was. It was a crazy amount of rain, but we kept on filming. The show must go on! (Laughs)

What was the most challenging or rewarding scene to shoot during the production of Haunting on Fraternity Row?

Breon Pugh: There were a couple, just a couple. (Laughs) The first was the moo moo that I had to wear; I was so uncomfortable! I had to keep it mind, “You’re Wiggles, not Breon! Your Wiggles, not Breon!” (Laughs) The other was the dancing scenes. Everyone was so hype and over the top. There was this amazing energy in that room once it started. It was something I’ve never felt before! It was definitely a standout.

Did you have time to rehearse and build chemistry with your co-stars before filming started, or did you get to know each other during the filming process?

Breon Pugh: Mostly we got to know each other during filming. In my experiences with them, everyone was so professional and excited to film! It made for a great environment to work in, and it shows in scenes and genuine character chemistry.

Did you and your co-stars get to do any improv with your performances, or were you mostly performing from the script?

Breon Pugh: Improv was welcomed, but for the most part I stuck to the script. It was definitely more than allowed. The script was already funny, but some of the footage that made it to the final cut were ad libs and the times the camera was left rolling. I feel it enhances those scenes. Watch to find out.

Do you have any favorite Christmas movies (horror or otherwise) that came to mind during the making of this film?

Breon Pugh: I didn't really have any Christmas movies that came to mind. I doubt Santa would like the lack of cheer during his visit (laughs). But The Conjuring and The Blair Witch Project came to mind, and even were used as a point of reference just because of the camera work and some of the scenery.

What do you hope viewers take away from Haunting on Fraternity Row?

Breon Pugh: I hope the audience just likes the movie in general! (Laughs) If you’re looking to get a good laugh, to have fun, and to definitely have a good scare, this is the film for you! I hope that they enjoy the different spin on horror storytelling used in this film. The jump scares are just the beginning.

With Haunting on Fraternity Row out now on VOD, what other projects do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

Breon Pugh: Right now I have something with Marvel cooking up. I can’t say just yet, but I'm blessed and happy to have been a part of the project. I am truly grateful to have my name attached to the Marvel Universe! Also, I have a film called Bolden, in which I play Willie Warner, and am a supporting actor to the great Gary Carr, who plays Bolden. That project will be out later next year, so 2019 will hopefully be one for the books!


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