Natalie Brown plays Kelly Goodweather on The Strain, a character that is much more than just the ex-wife of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather. Natalie is the latest to take part in our Q&A series and tells us all about her characters journey throughout the first season. *Spoiler Warning*

What initially drew you to the role of Kelly Goodweather? Did you know from the start that you'd become a vampire?

"What drew me to the role was the opportunity to work with Guillermo del Toro. Before my callback, I researched Kelly's character in "The Strain" trilogy, and discovered what was in store for my character, which only made it more enticing."

Once you got the role, did you read the novels and comic book series to get a good idea of where the story was heading? Or did you want to keep it a surprise?

"I read the first book after auditioning. Regardless of whether I got the part or not, it was so well-written, I couldn't put it down! Shortly after landing the role, I completed the second and third. I wanted to know as much about Kelly's back story as I could, and much of it is detailed through flashbacks in the books."

Can you tell us about your transformation into a vampire? How did you prepare for that part of the role? What was the most challenging aspect when filming?

"It was a blast! To prepare, I took a variety of movement and voice classes, but it all got real when I was finally sent to "Vamp Camp." It's where all would-be vamps worked with a choreographer on the movements and mannerisms of the vampires.

One of the biggest challenges was navigating stairs- vampires have a sixth sense and don't need to necessarily look where they're going, so not looking down or using a railing, required a lot of trust in my vampire self!"

When it came to makeup effects, what was the process for turning you into a vampire?

"It begins with 30 minutes of glueing my hair down, so it fits smoothly under a bald cap, only to then put on a wig of sparse, stringy patches of thinning hair. After that, prosthetics are applied to the face. Then begins two hours of painting and airbrushing. The final touches are red contact lenses and not-so-pearly-white teeth. In all, 3 and a half hours of pure artistry."

In the downtime between seasons, do you have any other horror-related projects coming up?

"I've been shooting the second season of the werewolf series, "Bitten," on Space Channel and SyFy. I play "Diane McAdams," Laura Vandervoort's character "Elena's" best friend."

Where can our readers follow you online?

"My Twitter handle, as well as my Instagram name, is @Brownnmiss"