Following the release of 31 Days last year, Rae Mystic is back with a new photography collection! Spectacles, now available for pre-order, highlights clown archtypes, with over 100 photos that celebrate "collaboration, diversity, community, identity, and clowns":

"When renowned photographer Rae Mystic was in the 2nd grade, their principal taped a note to their desk that read, “Do you choose to be a star or a spectacle?” with an image of a Windows 98 clip-art clown. The motivation behind the image was to serve as a reminder not to “act out” in class but has instead turned into the motivating factor behind a new clown-themed photography collection.

Clowns come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and each clown archetype featured was crafted in collaboration with the featured models. The goal is to use the visual language of clowns and clowning to help showcase what makes each subject “who they are” and what makes them special.

Rae Mystic has been working on “SPECTACLES” for over a year, but since the beginning of the project, Mystic has released two books and has grown into a full-time photography and production business complete with a photo house containing themed rooms and an incredibly diverse portfolio of clients. In addition to the vibrant, stunning photography, Rae Mystic also provided half of the makeup and set designs, while the rest were executed by the models themselves or on location.

“SPECTACLES” book specs include:

  • Soft cover
  • 66 pages with satin finish
  • Over 100 photos included
  • Pre-Order NOW- 6/27/23

In a climate where the LGBTQIA+ community is being treated like a danger to society or something to laugh at, “SPECTACLES” is a way to poke fun at those ridiculous claims, and make art. “I wanted to collaborate with my models by amplifying their starlike qualities in clown form,” says Mystic. “The goal was to prioritize LGBTQ+ models and celebrate those who aren’t considered the ‘default’ model type,” they say.

The “SPECTACLES” collection is about collaboration, diversity, community, identity, and clowns."

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