"A failing magazine writer and a nightclub hostess take a break from the world on a derelict plantation in rural Tennessee" in The House of Dust from Noah Broyles. Now available as a paperback and e-book, we have an exclusive excerpt from the novel that has been described as "Shirley Jackson meets True Detective."

"Deep in the heat and silence of rural Tennessee, down an untraveled road, sits the forgotten town of Three Summers. Mere miles away, on an overgrown river island, stands the house that once presided over the grand plantation of Angel’s Landing, moss-draped, decrepit. Waiting.

Failing crime writer Bradley Ellison and former prostitute Missy Holiday are drawn to this place, fleeing a world turned against them. For Brad, it is work―he must find a compelling story before the true-crime magazine he writes for judges him expendable. For Missy, it is recuperation―four years at "the club" have left her drained.

But the price of peace is high, and soon Brad and Missy discover that something hides behind the quiet. Something moves in the night. Something that manifests itself in bizarre symbols and disturbing funeral rites. Something that twists back through time and clings in the dust of the ancient house. A presence they must uncover before their own past catches up with them."

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To read the excerpt, click on the cover below or visit: https://dailydead.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/The-House-of-Dust-excerpt.pdf