Twins Beacon and Everleigh are back in MK Krys' This Town is a Nightmare from Penguin Workshop! A "..thriller about a small town where not all is what it seems," this finale in a series of middle grade horror / sci-fi novels is now available, and we have an exclusive excerpt just for Daily Dead readers!

In THIS TOWN IS NOT ALL RIGHT, twins Beacon and Everleigh move from Los Angeles to the small fishing town of Driftwood Harbor with their father. The twins swear to stick together, as they always have, until this start to realize things in this boring little town are not what they seem. And when Everleigh is recruited into the elite student clique, The Gold Stars, Beacon realizes that the secrets buried deep below this town are starting to affect her too. Now it’s a race against time for Beacon to uncover the conspiracies behind The Gold Stars, save his twin sister, and figure out why his father moved them there in the first place. And if he isn’t fast, Beacon and Everleigh might never make it out.

Now, in THIS TOWN IS A NIGHTMARE, Beacon and Everleigh barely escaped Driftwood Harbor with their lives (and their minds). Now on the run with their father and best friends in New York City, little do they know the worst is yet to come. As the twins try to avoid danger around every corner, they find themselves inexplicably drawn back to Driftwood Harbor, the town and site of the alien invasion that started it all. But this time it’s not just their family in danger…. It’s the planet.

Author Bio: M.K. Krys (as Michelle Krys) is the author of HexedCharmed, and Dead Girls Society. When she's not writing books, Michelle moonlights as a NICU nurse. She lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, with her family. You can visit her online at and follow Michelle on Facebook and Twitter.



OSD: 8/10/2021

Age range: 10 and up

Page count: 304

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